Highly-concentrated raw human stem cells・EGF・FGF contained in LIEBE skincare are as below.

How do Liebe Series cosmetics rejuvenate your skin so remarkably?

This achievement just results from ingredients contained in our skin lotions, which are extracted via uniquely advanced scientific technology, and that have the potential to increase your natural beauty.

Contains a large amount of highly concentrated Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract that succeeds in better anti-aging care.

As everyone knows, skin aging primarily results from a decrease in the number of stem cells.
As their name implies, stem cells act as the basis of all cell creation.
However, the number of stem cells is known to decrease with age. And in people's 40s and later, in particular, the rate of decrease is significantly sharper than up till then.
If that decrease in stem cells cannot be averted, then the skin will lose its elasticity, thus resulting in the condition known as aging skin.

Is there anything you can do to avert this?
Yes, and the answer is rather simple.

Now that we know skin aging is caused by a decrease in the number of stem cells, all you have to do is reduce the rate of their decrease and instead increase their number so that they can then produce more new skin tissue.

Human-derived stem cells, which can be found in a number of Liebe Series products, are said to be a substance that contains the largest amount of growth factors and cytokines that work to regenerate human skin.

Contains Two Types of Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract!

Have you ever heard about the extract referred to as "Activated EGF and Activated FGF (growth factors)?

Activated EGF and FGF is Ingredients by using state of the art technology.

(※These water-soluble and activated are manufactured only in Japan and possible to associate with receptor. )

<Patented> water‐soluble extraction

Growth factors require an activated "power" for cells. It must be "water soluble" to bind the receptor for activity to occur.

They are considered to have the following respective effects:

EGF:Less dullness and roughness of the skin
FGF:Greater moisture content and glowing of the skin

Liebe Series cosmetics contain a large number of these two human-derived stem cells in addition to Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract.
More specifically, EGF is referred to as a turnover factor (for the metabolic system) that "promotes cell recovery".
In other words, aging skin that has problem of blotches or winkles caused by slower metabolic activity can be restored to its normal state through the EGF ingredient being absorbed by the skin.

FGF is said to be a factor that increases the amount of collagen.
As you probably know, it is one of the indispensable substances that produce beautiful skin.
As with stem cells, the amount of collagen that gets secreted also decreases with age. Activated FGF has been identified as helping to enhance the production of collagen.
This then means that the effect of use of cosmetics that contain collagen on annoying winkles and blotches can help facilitate the regeneration of skin tissue and rejuvenate your skin to its original fresh and beautiful state.
If you feel your skin is as well-moisturized as it used to be or whiter, then that effect will mainly result from the Activated FGF.

Cosmetic ingredients extraction by using state of the art technology

Ordinary water-soluble collagen contained in many cosmetics barely gets absorbed by the skin due to its high molecular structure and thus the expected results can often be unrecognizable.
In order to solve this problem, "enzymatic treatment" was included in the collagen fermentation process before being in our products as Nano-encapsulated collagen. This bio-conversion process results in the average molecular weight of the collagen being reduced to about 3000. This decomposition into low molecular weight then improves the absorption rate.

Less skin blotching and pimples

Blotching of the skin was confirmed to have been improved after use of our products for just two weeks.

※The effect will vary depending on the individual.

Seriously worried about your skin aging process?
Give Liebe Series cosmetics a try!

There are a large number of cosmetics and beauty products available from all over the world.
Many of you may consider our products to be merely part of them.

However, we would like to emphasize that Liebe Series cosmetics resulted from repeated trial and error with regard to both the ingredients and blends in an extensive research and development project that pursued helping every woman to achieve successful anti-aging care.

We have already received a large number of user opinions that informed us that they have experienced the positive result of the extracts and effects of the beauty ingredients, which were realized through and supported by scientific experiments.
In continuing to meet our customer's expectations, we aim to further improve our products and provide even more excellent results.